NRG Gyms

NRG Gyms is a game-changing gym and wellness business with state-of-the-art equipment.







March 2018




In 2018, Puma Funds invested £5 million into NRG Gyms, a gym and wellness business designed for people seeking superior quality at competitive rates. This investment has enabled it to expand the number of gym locations it operates in.

About NRG

NRG Gyms is aimed at price-sensitive Millennials with a serious interest in fitness. It provides 24-hour gyms with a range of high-quality equipment and classes. The gyms specialise in providing an affordable gym experience with a large selection of high-end equipment. It operated sites in Gravesend and Watford at the time of the investment, and has since added gyms in Walsall, Lewisham and Stretford, Manchester.

With the rolling-out of the new flagship site in Stretford in January 2022, the company demonstrated its ability to increase its return on investment per new site. This evidences the strong value proposition that the company can offer its target market.

It recruited a new Finance Director to assist the CEO in delivering on the future growth and fundraising strategy. The company won Region Gym of the Year (South) at the National Fitness Awards 2022.


I established this business as I felt the sector lacked a brand that really connected with its members at the ground level and delivered on their needs. This funding will enable us to continue our values and to deliver the model speedily across the country with the backing and support of the Puma team.

Shafiq Ahmed, Founder and CEO, NRG Gyms


The success of the new Manchester site amid challenging economic conditions is a testament to the strength of NRG’s offer, and the team’s hard work and dedication. The business continues to deliver strong performance during a challenging economic environment. We continue to work closely with the team to prioritise new sites and planning the next strategic moves for the business.

Kelvin Reader, Investment Director, Puma Private Equity